Why coaching is important?
Students have full agendas:

Students have full agendas: binge watching with roommates , exercising a few times a week, having drinks at the student association, working and studying in the University Library to prepare for exams. The temptations are great, especially in the beautiful city of Groningen. But study arrears and student debts can increase.

Working people also often follow training to deepen their knowledge. Lifelong learning is increasingly common in modern times. Combining a full-time job with studying requires a lot of discipline and good planning.

Why process management is important ?
Practice shows that good results are guaranteed if the study coach thinks along and helps to keep an overview. The study coach takes sufficient time to work with the student on an individual basis to eliminate backlogs and improve substantive knowledge. The starting point is learning to plan, so that all activities can take place in a relaxed manner.


“Clear guidance. The Sofist helped me a lot with the planning for the thesis in the final phase of my studies. She is also easy to reach outside the agreed times.”

“I am following a training course in addition to my job, and the sophist can help with that too. I can say that without this coach I would never have gotten this far with my training! Concrete practical tips for studying and writing papers, but also support and encouragement when you need it.”

’We are grateful for all your kind assistance.’’

‘’Thank you, this is helpful and we are very grateful for your input.’’


Sofist is used here in the sense of itinerant teacher or expert. Study coach Mariëtte Smilde is someone who teaches study and writing skills in a practical way.

Knowledge and experience:
-Experience in guiding pupils and students since 2010.
-Collaboration with Keuzecoach&co (www.keuzecoach.nu) since 2019.
-Coaching: Civas (2022). Personnel & Labor (Haarlem University of Applied Sciences).
-English: Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) (London).
-History: MA Socio-economic History, Minor Criminalistics and Journalism (University of Groningen). During this study she founded De Sofist.
-Creative Writing (Writers Academy)




Through the right coaching, students’ qualities can be achieved to their full potential. Everyone develops skills and everyone has talents. The coach can strengthen both. Good and active listening, empathizing with the person and patience are qualities she uses for this.

What does the Sofist do ?

Study coaching. Together with the student we find out which approach works best. Individual coaching is the most efficient. We always see this reflected in the positive study results and increase in self-confidence among the students. The intention is to provide students with tools to learn to study and set priorities. Problems such as procrastination and lack of discipline are tackled practically. Where possible, we provide feedback on essays and theses. This mainly concerns academic writing, readability, style and spelling.

Services The Sofist:

• Study planning
• Guidance with writing essays and thesis
• Dutch (style and spelling)

Target audience:

• Students seeking assistance with study planning
• Students in need of coaching, because of discipline problems or fear of failure
• Students combining work and study

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